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  Ilias Vlavianos was born in 1976 in Athens, where he grow up and study. During school time,  he took his first lessons in Byzantine painting (1990-1993).

  After high School he studied conservation and restoration of works of art in Petra institute. The knowledge about Byzantine painting was enriched and enabled him to be well educated of the methods for the preservation of works of art during time.

 In 1998 starts his working practice as a conservator in the laboratory for the conservation of wall paintings in the excavation site of Akrotiri at Santorini island.

  In 2000 he returns permanently to Santorini to work in Akrotiri until 2005. Under the guidance of his supervisor and great teacher Mr. Iakovos Michailidis, his knowledge in conservation as well as in the techniques and methods of creating wall paintings was developed.  This resulted to the participation in 2007 to the exhibition for the 40 years of excavation in Akrotiri, by making wall painting reproductions.

  At the same time from 2007 until 2008 he creates and paints all the portable wall paintings of an early Christian temple.

   His love for the art of Wall paintings determined his career by opening in 2008 in Fira of Santorini the painting workshop and gallery, Thiras art. Prehistoric reproductions, Byzantine and Renaissance paintings as well as modern themes are created in the form of a wall painting.

  In 2008 participates twice in group exhibitions with Byzantine paintings in the municipal of Piraeus and in Ekali recreation club.

 Finally in 2009 participates again in a group exhibition with Byzantine paintings in the war museum of Athens. 


   Marilena Sgountzou was born in 1979 and grow up in Athens. After finishing high school she moved to Great Britain where she study for three years in De Montfort University in Lincoln city and received a bachelor degree in Conservation and Restoration of works of art.

  During the summer of 2000 as a course for the degree she is doing her practice in the image section and woodcuts of the Benaki Museum in Athens.

  In 2002 she receives her master degree in Bsc Conservation Science, from Cardiff university, Wales, in Great Britain. The degree gave her the knowledge of using science methods for conservation matters. Her thesis concerns pigment and binder analysis on a painting of Giovanni Bellini. 

  She returns to Greece in 2003 where she starts her work in Santorini until the end of 2004, in the laboratory for the conservation of wall paintings in the excavation site of Akrotiri. There, they meet and work together with Ilias Vlavianos. From 2006 until 2008 together undertake conservation and restoration of icons in churches of Santorini.

  Additionally, in 2006 attends a seminar entitled editing and organization of art exhibitions in the Hellenic-American educational foundation in Athens. Also in 2007 she follows a seminar on Management of cultural services in the training center Synergy in Athens.

  In 2008 collaborates with Ilias Vlavianos and they open the gallery Thiras art in Santorini. There, she organizes and supervise the showroom as well as she is responsible for the sales and public relations. Additionally she creates her own jewellery which exposes in the gallery space.

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